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Communication & Social Skills

The focus of our communication and social skills program is on teaching the rules and behaviors that help individuals interact with one another. Our social skills training program targets skills that follow appropriate developmental milestones in a sequential order, allowing our youngest learners to build the foundational skills needed to continue to learn and grow as they transition to more complex social situations.

For early learners, we may focus on fundamental play skills such as:

  • Turn-taking

  • Waiting for others

  • Eye contact

For older children, we may focus on: 

  • Greetings/Initiating conversations

  • How to behave in specific social and community settings

  • Understanding emotions and facial expressions

  • Gestures and body language 

  • Assertiveness

  • Empathy

Social skills for adolescents and young adults may include:

  • Expressing opinions

  • Workplace behavior

  • Maintaining friendships

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